Biographie (Fr)

Ameneh Moayedi est née en Iran, sur les rives du Golfe persique. 

À 21 ans, dans sa ville natale de Bouchehr, elle marque les esprits, lors d’une exposition personnelle, avec une installation qui dénonce les exécutions par pendaison qui se pratiquent dans son pays. 

Désormais à Paris, elle travaille beaucoup et expose. 

Elle produit de vastes séries picturales où le réalisme s’estompe et dont l’ambiance et les thèmes se comprennent à leurs titres, 
« Insomnia », « Melancholia » ou encore « Les Blues » qui jouent sur les pigments. Quant à ses dessins, études et œuvres, ils déconstruisent les visages et les corps de la souffrance. 

Récemment, une de ses œuvres a été très remarquée. Il s’agit de « Femme Battue », un tableau né de l’émotion suscitée par un fait divers. On attend maintenant de découvrir l’intégralité de son projet au long cours - projet qui lui tient peut-être le plus à cœur de sa série de 12 tapis: sur une technique traditionnelle, des motifs contemporains convoquent les astres dans cette modernité fulgurante que l’univers peut nous offrir. 

Biographie (En)

Ameneh Moayedi was born in Iran, on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

At the age of 21, in her native town of Bouchehr, she made a mark during a solo exhibition with an installation that denounced the executions by hanging that are practiced in her country. Now in Paris, she works a lot and exhibits.

She produces vast pictorial series where realism fades and whose atmosphere and themes can be understood by their titles, "Insomnia", "Melancholia" or "The Blues" which play on pigments. As for his drawings, studies and works, they deconstruct the faces and bodies of suffering. Recently, one of his works has been very noticed. It is "Beaten Woman", a painting born from the emotion aroused by a news item. We are now waiting to discover the entirety of his long term project a project that is perhaps the most important to him -his series of 12 carpets: on a traditional technique, contemporary motifs summon the stars in this dazzling modernity that the universe can offer us.

Ameneh Moayedi is a graphic designer and poster designer. She studied graphic design, from high school in Iran, where she created her own graphic design workshop, to the Master of Graphic Design in Visual Communication in France. Recently, selected for several biennials and triennials on several continents, from China to Peru, she has also participated in numerous international design and graphic design exhibitions involving the creation of posters, in particular for peace.

Education & Training:

2020, Practice of Ceramics / Paris

2015, DNSEP (Master’s Degree in Graphics) diploma with     distinction from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Cambrai

2014, Diploma Professional Carpet Weaving Skill from Iran

2012, Study of the French language with the association

Culture et Liberté de Lille

2012, University Diploma in French Studies from DEFI

(Department of French Teaching at International de Lille3)

2010, Graphic design license [bac + 4] IAUB - Booshehr (Iran)

2006, Study of the French language in Beirut (French Embassy in Lebanon)

2001, Graphic design practice [bac+2] Higher technical and vocational school of Yazd (Iran)

1998, Professional baccalaureate in graphic design Fatemieh de Booshehr upper secondary school.

Professional experiences:

2017, Communication visuel, for Ensemble Shanbehzadeh.

2016, Creation of independent graphic designer collective 

«La beetroot blue» in Paris.

2015, Trainee at Solstiss, manufacturer and trade of luxury lace LEAVERS in Caudry.

2014, Intern at MiriMola (renowned contemporary carpet artist) in Tehran (Iran).

2014, Trainee and training with a carpet weaver in a Heritage Center in Booshehr (Iran).

2013, Animator of artistic workshop «Transatlantica» with 

association Culture et Liberté Lille.

2013,Teaching (drawing course) for foreign students Lille 3

2010,Participation in the organization of the «Rouz 

de Booshehr» Festival.

2010, Lecturer in lithography at the Alavi printing house in Booshehr.

2010, Member of the Jury of the Festival of Painting and 

Creativity, Booshehr.

2010,Trainer (Cartoons Creative techniques), at IAUB Booshehr.

2009, Professional Trainer in Commercial Advertising - Booshehr

2008, Creation of the “mehr- o -mah” workshop in Booshehr

2002, Assistant to a developmental psychologist and painting teacher for children with mental health difficulties Exhibitions and graphic projects.

Exhibitions & projects graphic desing:

- 2022, Selected poster for collection «Reflections of the night»  The musical language of Tribute <Mario Lavista>, Exhibited this, El Colegio Nacional in the Historical Center in Mexico City.

- 2022, Selected for Beijing Opera Art International Poster 

Biennale (received 1194 designers’ works from 34 countries).

- 2022, Selected In Mexico poster for 1st edition of the International Poster Festival “HOW design can change the world!?.

- 2022, Winning Bronze Stellar in Poster Stellars in USA.

- 2022, Selected Poster film “Saving One Who Was Dead” by vàclav kadrnka for Stellar in Poster Stellars in USA.

- 2022, Selected two Posters in China! SILK CULTURE POSTER DESIGN EXHIBITION /Shen Ligao Agricultural Life Park(Hundred Acres Mulberry Garden).

-2022,“Ciudades abiertas / Open Cities” in Madrid, Selected for the 100 posters. At Plaza de Juan Goytisolo (in front of the Reina Sofía museum).

- 2022, Selected in Romania, two posters for Ukraine at Graphics Day in Bucharest.

- 2022, Selected 2nd Cyprus Poster Triennial. Poster for film “Saving One Who Was Dead” by vàclav kadrnka Cyprus.

- 2022, Selected final of the exhibition of the “18th International Biennale of Theater Poster |in Rzeszów”.

- 2022, Azerbaijan Design Summit International Peace and 

Typography Poster Contest Finalists.

- 2022/2023, Selected Poster for “PEACE” in Machu Picchu Museum, Cusco Peru.

-2022, Selected a poster for GIVE PEACE A CHANCE/Calanca Biennial Switzerland.

- 2022, Selected for a poster for INTERNATIONAL TRIENNIAL THE 4TH BLOCK is a unique designer’s festival of eco posters and social projects.

- 2022, Selected a poster fo SUPPORT UKRAINE, BUY NFT POSTERS 2022.

- 2022, Selected for a poster for (between 9,587 entries from the world, 90 selected competitors) The Cusco City Regional Management of the Peruvian Association of Design.

- 2022, Selected for a poster for Competitors of the international competition: Graphics for Peace.

- 2021, Exhibition in Slavutych city For Ukraine.

- 2021, Exhibition «Together we are Power» in Dnipro/Ukraine.

- 2021, Exhibition in Peru Design Biennial Exhibition.

- Poster for film “SAVING ONE WHO WAS DEAD” for Karlovy Vary International Film -Festival, A film by Václav Kadrnka, Central and Eastern European Film Festival in Luxembourg, In Festival de Sevilla, IFFI 2021 in India.

-2021,1st B.I International Poster Art Biennale/South Korea.

- 2019, Poster for “INKOTANYI” (Paul Kagame and Rwanda)A Franco-Belgian documentary film directed by Christophe Cotteret.

- 2015/2018, Visual Communication, Poster, CD and this for Ensemble Shanbehzadeh.

Personal Visual Exhibitions:

2022, Expo in Marie Claude Duchosal Gallery

2021,“Melancholia”, The Marie Claude Duchosal gallery

2019/2020, “Persian Influences”. Resonances/Tréport Art Gallery

2018, “Insomnia”, “Persian Nights”. ON-OFF Studio/Paris

2017, “A poet in life” (Spring of Poets 2017) Galerie ON-OFF Studio/Paris

2016, “The horn that stings the buttocks of God”, Galerie Achraf/Paris

2017, “The horn that stings the buttocks of God” Galerie Neues Bild / Trier in Germany

2016, “My mad cow”, Cité internationale des arts/ Paris

2010, Individual exhibition of conceptual art at Booshehr

2015, Performance “Cauchemar de carpet” at the Phénix 

national stage in Valenciennes (workshop with ESA-Cambrai)

2014, Performance “Against violent sports” at the Phénix 

national stage in Valenciennes (workshop with ESA-Cambrai)

2014,Performance “Battle with knots” at the Lille Opera 

(workshop with ESA-Cambrai)

2010,Organization of an exhibition for one of my students with Down syndrome.

Exhibitions & Projects Visual:

-2022, Collection «MY HOME | AT YOUR HOME” selected by AAmA, at the Bitola Cultural Palace in Macedonia,Bitola Museum of Contemporary Art, Cang Art Institution, Taguctsi International Art Center.Asian, African and Mediterranean Internatio

-2022, FATart Fair in Schaffhouse/Switzerland

-2022, Expo collective à Chios/ Greece

-2022, International exhibition at the WL4 Art “IN THE FACE OF VIOLENCE” 2022 /Gdansk,Pologne.

« IN THE FACE OF VIOLENCE » Gdansk, Pologne 

2021/2022, Gallery The Factory / London

2021/2022, INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR - 14th Edition / Venice

2021,Rome INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR à Medina Art Gallery 

2021, Fat art fair in Kammgarn, Schaffhouse / Suisse

2021,Galerie Marie Claude Duchosal / Paris


2019, Exposition avec Gérard Lelong. Galerie Au Médicis /Paris

2020, “Le Salon René Clément Bayer” /Samoreau

2019, “Exposition «Danse, Temps 1” /Nice

2016, “20 juin 20 artistes” Cité internationale des arts /Paris 

2016,  Exposition «GESTALT » avec l’ESA de Cambrai.

Current projects :

« Home | At home » « My crazy carpets » « Bitter Almonds » « Typography schizophrenia »

2015 Film “In this square”


2015 “The small Persian square”

2015 “Talismans”

2013 “Persian and Latin” calligraphy

Published articles and media:


2020 TK21 THE REVIEW N° 108


2019 ARLU



written by Philippe Fortune.



2019 LA STRADA Nice-MatinA superb article by Michel 

Sajn, on the exhibition “Danse, Temps 1”.

2010 “Lian’s Colorful Patterns” (Roze Booshehr)

2008 “Artistic biography of Toulouse-Lautrec” (Nssir)

2008 “Analysis of the color green and its psychic impact 

in spring” (Nasir)

2006 “A Critique of Ernest Gambridge’s History of Art” (Payan)

Other abilities:

Processing, Photoshop, In design, Maya, Illustrator, After Effects, Corel DRAW, Power point, Word.

Languages: Persian, French, Old Persian (cuneiform).


Jadin and the foures, cinema, carpet, graphic design,

performance, choreography, photography, music, poetry, dance.